Welcome to Integrated Therapies

Do you choose to live life in a way that feeds your spirit?

Do you sometimes forget that the life you live is a result of your choices?

I began this journey many, many years ago as a young woman. I’m not sure that I chose it, or it chose me. Isn’t that often the case?

I wanted to create a place of healing.

I wanted to create a space where people can thrive, where they feel free to express their authentic self.

Without judgement, without turmoil. Where people can feel supported and loved.

Where people can connect with others and live in a state of joy, love and kindness.

Manifesting a piece of the divine.

Here is what I know 28 years later…

My dreams are possible. Want some support in creating yours?

Here is my contact information:

email: integratedtherapiesllc@gmail.com

phone: 720-272-9226

online scheduling: shellygeorge.fullslate.com